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The Natalie Tysdal Podcast

Feb 26, 2024

Brief summary of show:

In this episode, I interview Carey Conley, a speaker and coach who emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision for one's life. Carey shares her personal story of overcoming hardship and how it led her to her life purpose. The conversation explores topics such as depression, anxiety, and the challenges faced by young adults. Carey provides insights on creating a vision and the power of association in shaping one's life. She also shares resources, including her podcast and book, to help individuals on their journey towards a fulfilling life.

Listen in as we talk about:
00:00 - Introduction and Background
03:05 - The Importance of Having a Vision
05:34 - Understanding Depression and Anxiety
09:08 - Finding Purpose in the Midst of Devastation
13:05 - Challenges Faced by Young Adults
18:39 - Creating a Vision for Your Life
23:08 - The Power of Association
28:35 - Moving Towards a Positive Circle
29:59 - Where to Find Carey Conley

Notes from Natalie:


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